Dragonball Destination F1

WARNING Supercar Diehard: April 2020
Is Your Only Chance To Make Formula 1 History In Viet Nam


As you may know, Hanoi will host its first ever F1 Grand Prix in April 2020!
We at Infinity-Group, as car enthusiasts and Vietnam lovers, strongly believe it is a wonderful opportunity to
share our passion with open-minded individuals coming from all over the world
We figured the best way to do so was to craft an incredibly unique international event: a tailor-made
Roadtrip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi for the occasion

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce…

an opportunity
to unplug, unwind
and cut loose

Eighty teams of two drivers – The Dragons, as we like to say – will become ‘The Squadron’ on the Roadtrip of a lifetime: 1,800 km across 8 days and 7 nights through Vietnam’s buzzing megacities, stunning coastlines, steamy jungles, verdant rice fields, and more…

a typical “Boring”
day with us

Start each morning with a full high-end breakfast before we head out for an amazing day punctuated by gourmet refreshment breaks, special sights, and exotic lunches in secret locations.

from fellowship
to camaraderie

Spending an average of 4 to 5 hours driving along Vietnam’s inspiring roads a day, cruising in a convoy of amazing cars driven by fellow Dragon car enthusiasts from around the world, you’ll have the opportunity to make genuine connections

From Fellowship to camaraderle


Vietnam’s major event of the year

As our fleet arrives in Hanoi, we’ll be welcomed in true Formula 1 Grand Prix fashion to The Dragons’Nest, our exclusive hospitality venue at the circuit


Why “DragonBall”?

The Dragon represents nobility and power in Vietnamese mythology, two characteristics that are embedded in our DragonBall philosophy. The common use of the suffix “Ball” for Roadtrip-related events is a reference to Mister Erwin George Baker, aka “Cannon Ball”, a motorcycle and automobile racing driver, famous for his record-setting point-to-point drives in the early 1900s, inspiring many leisure driving events.

Do you have experience managing this kind of event?

Our CEO and team have created and organised more than 300 Roadtrips worldwide. Our portfolio includes several international car manufacturers, product launches and media presentations. So, yes, we know what we’re doing 😉

Why do we have to pay at this early stage?

Quality takes time! A major event such as the F1 Grand Prix will attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, so early booking is vital. Moreover, DragonBall is expected to attract 80 teams of 2 as well as participants and crew, which means 220 hotel rooms every night. To be sure we have access to the best accommodation across Vietnam and can welcome you to secure and private areas on the track, it’s important to reserve and pay in advance.

Is DragonBall a race or a time trial?

Absolutely not. Our event is a lifetime experience with great people driving incredible cars on amazing roadways. As you would expect, all relevant highway and local laws apply. There is no reason to speed or take risks. Our routes are designed in such a way that there is plenty of time to drive safely and enjoy the trip to its fullest.

What cars can participate?

We have a wide range of cars in our ‘Squadron’, from classics and luxury to sustainable and supercars. The mix of vehicles makes DragonBall all the more diverse and exciting.

Flying in without your car of choice? Why not let us help you source and rent a car locally? Of course, if you decide to fly or ship your own car in, we can recommend one of our trusted agents, who will assist in customs clearance in the smoothest way possible. Feel free to ask for more info!

This is Dragonball

Buckle up and join The Squadron!

  • Registration per vehicle includes 1 driver and 1 co-driver
  • 8 days and 7 nights of luxury accommodation with doubly secure parking
  • Over 1,800 km of driving
  • High-end breakfasts, gourmet breaks and lunches, fine dining dinners

are you ready to re-acquaint
yourself with the smell of
old leather & hot steel?


First Come, First Serve

USD 25,000 per participant with a minimum two Dragons per car, a driver and a co-driver Each Dragon will benefit with his/her own independent room. Please let us know if you would prefer to share a room.


  • Extra participant: USD 20,000 not including hotel rooms
  • Personalised video: USD 4,000
  • Contact us for shipment or car rental details

Become a dragon

One more thing…

We want to reward and pamper you to the fullest, and thanks to the support of our incredible partners, we can!

1st prize

3-day F1 Experience at HTTT at Paul Ricard or Yas Marina or Barcelona, including flights, accommodation, training sessions and video.

Contact us

Would you miss Woodstock? This is your ONLY opportunity to ink your name in Formula 1 and supercar history. Get in touch with us now before all spots fill up.

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